Hadlow Rural Community

Hadlow Rural Community School is a unique school, with a unique ethos and curriculum.  Pupils at Hadlow Rural Community School have opportunities very different to those in other schools.  This is through our commitment and vision to integrate land-based education into all areas of our school.  Our pupils have the chance to not only study for the highest academic grades, but also to participate in a wide variety of life-enhancing and enriching experiences, working in a beautiful outdoor environment in areas such as agriculture, horticulture and animal care. 

Our innovative curriculum enables pupils of all ages to experience hands-on work with animals, growing food and tending plants.  In doing this they achieve vital skills in teamwork, discipline, respect and responsibility, as well as working towards a range of practical, meaningful and worthwhile vocational qualifications.  Alongside this though, Hadlow Rural Community School aims to be a centre of academic excellence – all pupils study a full suite of GCSE subjects including those expected in the English Baccalaureate – English, Maths, Science, Geography and Languages. 

We have very high expectations of our pupils – we expect them all to achieve academically, as well as in vocational subjects, while developing and flourishing as individuals, with a sense of responsibility for themselves, each other and the environment.  Please click here to view our Curriculum and Option Choice Policy.

Please follow the links below to access each department's curriculum map: -

Key Stage 3

Art  Citizenship Computer Science
DT English Geography
History Land Based Maths
MFL PE Science

Key Stage 4

Art Business Citizenship
Drama English Film
Geography History Maths
PE Science Statistics

Should you require further curriculum information for a specific subject area, please contact the relevant Subject Leader. Contact details can be found here.