Hadlow Rural Community


Useful information about taking exams at Hadlow Rural Community School is below.

Information for candidates – controlled assessments 2017-2018
Information for candidates – coursework 2017-2018
Instructions for candidates - non-examination assessments 2017-2018
Information for candidates - on-screen tests 2017-2018
Information for Candidates - Privacy Notice 2017-2018
Information for candidates - social media 2017-2018
Information for candidates - written exams 2017-2018
Student warning poster
No mobile phone poster

Please follow this link to see to see the Y11 Exam / Parent Information presentation

If you have any specific questions then please email contact@hrcschool.org

All relevant Exam policies can be found below:

Examinations Policy

Emergency Evacuation Policy

Contingency Plan

Disability Policy

Examination Paper Handling Policy

Internal Assessment Appeals Policy

Examinations Malpractice Policy

Non-examination Assessment Policy