Hadlow Rural Community

Mark Nichols

I am an enthusiastic teacher of English that delivers creative lessons at any given opportunity. Imagination being the key to unlocking true intelligence being my mantra. I have taught many different exam specs and have a working knowledge of the changes due in education over the coming years. My practice has been consistently good to outstanding and I am always keen to work with other professionals to further my teaching career.

I have been Director of Standards of Hadlow Rural Community School for a full academic year. In this time I have helped coordinate the pastoral team within the school and have also set up and managed many stakeholder groups within the school including the school’s parent/student council and new for this year, the schools very own PTA.

I am a caring person but also firm with the expectation that all pupils have the right to succeed. I firmly advocate politeness and good manners from all students and work through administrating positive praise across the entire school.