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Hadlow Rural Community School

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Getting to School

Students should arrive at school by 8.30am each morning. The school can be accessed in a variety of ways.



Students can use the designated pathways across the College and School site. If walking from Hadlow Village or the bus stop adjacent to the main College entrance, students should always use the pedestrian crossing and keep to the pathways located along Bourne Grange Lane and the school driveway.

Students accessing school from Ashes Lane, should keep to the designated pathways from the Hadlow College Animal Management Unit and keep to the trackway leading to the school. Students should keep to designated walkways at all times.



A small number of students will choose to cycle to school. Parents are required to ensure that any bikes are well maintained and roadworthy and that their child is proficient at cycling on the road (unfortunately, no cycling lanes are available); ensuring that appropriate protective equipment is worn at all times.

Bikes, helmets and other cycling equipment can be left in the cycling shelter, but will be the responsibility of the students.



Parents may drop off and pick up their child before and after school using Bourne Grange Lane and the school driveway.

Morning drop off usually begins from 8.00am onwards and students can be dropped off in front of the school, entering to the side of the school sports hall.

Afternoon pick up does get congested and we would advise parking on the school driveway facing the school, following a one-way system on leaving. Please avoid parking on Bourne Grange Lane or across pedestrian pathways.


Bus Transport

We have worked hard to establish our own public bus service to support the main routes travelling from Maidstone and surrounding areas.

The school currently runs a route, driven and managed by colleagues at HRCS. The route has been designed around the needs of students at HRCS and benefit from starting and finishing directly in the school grounds.

The route is currently as follows:

HRCS 1 Maidstone (AM)

Bus Stop Bus Stop Name Arrival Time (AM)
A Larkfield - Lunsford Lane Turning 07:10
B Larkfield – Kent Mart       07:12
C Larkfield – Motorway Bridge                         07:14
E Snodland – Recreation Ground             07:21
F Snodland – The Holmesdale School            07:22
G Snodland - Freemasons Arms 07:24
H Leybourne - RSPCA Centre 07:26
I West Malling - Train Station                         07:33
J Kings Hill - ASDA 07:38
K Kings Hill - Gibson Drive 07:43
L Mereworth - Crossroads 07:48
M East Peckham - Church Lane 07:58
N East Peckham - Westwood Road 08:01
O East Peckham - The Merry Boys 08:02
P East Peckham - Crown Acres 08:04
Q Hadlow - Common Road 08:19
R Hadlow Rural Community School 08:29

HRCS 1 Maidstone (PM)

Bus Stop Bus Stop Name Arrival TimeTuesday - Friday (PM) Arrival TimeMonday (PM)
A Hadlow Rural Community School 15:20 16:20
B Hadlow Common Road 15:33 16:33
C East Peckham - Church Lane 15:45 16:45
D East Peckham - Westwood Road 15:48 16:48
E East Peckham - The Merry Boys 15:49 16:49
F East Peckham - Crown Acres 15:51 16:51
G Mereworth - Crossroads 15:58 16:58
H Kings Hill - Gibson Drive 16:03 17:03
I Kings Hill - ASDA 16:08 17:08
J West Malling - Train Station 16:13 17:13
K Leybourne - RSPCA Centre 16:22 17:22
L Snodland - Freemasons Arms 16:24 17:24
M Snodland - The Holmesdale School 16:26 17:26
N Snodland - Recreation Ground 16:27 17:27
P Larkfield - Motorway Bridge 16:34 17:34
Q Larkfield - Kent Mart 16:36 17:36
R Larkfield - Lunsford Lane Turning 16:38 17:38

 HRCS1 : Maidstone Morning   Interactive Google Map (Morning)                                                

 HRCS1 : Maidstone Afternoon   Interactive Google Map (Afternoon) 


 Our transport team have provided a timetable of current bus routes (see below) which identifies the times and buses that service some of our surrounding areas not covered by HRCS1.  For students travelling from some of the stops in the Paddock Wood area they will be required to use the No. 205 and then change to the No. 7 at Tonbridge Station. 



Students wishing to use the school route or any of the other public routes will need to apply for a Young Persons Travel pass to use the Arriva Network which can be accessed here


Passes are delivered directly to school and students need to sign for these on arrival. The Young Persons Travel pass takes approximately 28 days to arrive.