Hadlow Rural Community

Home/School Agreement


As a parent(s) I/we shall undertake to: -

  • Ensure my/our child leaves home in full Hadlow Rural Community School uniform
  • Ensure my/our child is fully equipped for the Hadlow Rural Community School day
  • Ensure my/our child attends Hadlow Rural Community School on time every day
  • Not take holidays during term time
  • Contact Hadlow Rural Community School when my/our child is absent and provide a note upon their return
  • Take an active interest in the work of my/our child and encourage him/her to always do their best
  • Provide suitable conditions for the completion of homework and ensure my/our child completes their homework on time and to the best of their ability
  • Check and sign my/our child's planner on a regular basis
  • Encourage my/our child to maintain high standards of behaviour, good manners and consideration for others
  • Inform the school if I/we know or suspect my/our child is being bullied
  • Inform the school if there are any problems likely to affect my/our child's learning or if I/we have any concerns about my/our child
  • Attend Parents' Evenings and other relevant meetings
  • Read letters from Hadlow Rural Community School and reply if requested to
  • Contact the school if we have a complaint rather than complain to my/our child
  • Participate, wherever possible, in activities organised by parents, staff and students for the ultimate benefit of all the students in the school
  • Read, sign and return the Internet Code of Conduct



As a pupil I shall do my best to: -

  • Always wear full school uniform to and from Hadlow Rural Community School and during the day
  • Bring the correct equipment, planner and books as required
  • Attend Hadlow Rural Community School every day on time and be punctual to lessons
  • Listen to my teachers and work hard
  • Write all homework in my planner, do my homework to the best of my ability and hand it in on time
  • Behave well inside and outside of school
  • Respect Hadlow Rural Community School buildings and furniture and the property of others
  • Look after other students and under no circumstances bully other students
  • Tell someone if I am being bullied or know of anyone else who is being bullied
  • Let my teachers know if I have any worries
  • Take letters home to parents and return replies
  • Accept sanctions without argument and complete them promptly
  • Support and help at school events
  • Find out what opportunities are open to me
  • Follow the Internet Code of Conduct


Hadlow Rural Community School

As a School we shall: -

  • Ensure full school uniform is worn at all times
  • Advise your child of the relevant and necessary equipment
  • Encourage and reward good attendance and insist upon punctuality
  • Provide your child with high quality teaching in every subject
  • Set appropriate classwork which will be marked regularly
  • Provide relevant homework which will be marked regularly
  • Prepare your child in a range of subjects that will allow him/her to succeed in national tests and public examinations
  • Encourage and insist on high standards of behaviour, good manners and consideration for others
  • Exercise the statutory powers to discipline students in line with the School’s Behaviour Policy
  • Deal promptly with incidents of bullying
  • Ensure the security and happiness of your child, listen to and respond quickly to any concerns
  • Hold regular Parents' Evenings
  • Report regularly on your child’s progress, effort, attendance and punctuality
  • Inform you of any worries or concerns the school has about your child and work with you to overcome any difficulties
  • Respond to parents’ written complaints in line with Hadlow Rural Community School Complaints Procedure
  • Inform you of events that the school is involved in
  • Provide you and your child with professional advice about continuing educational opportunities and guidance about careers
  • Monitor responsible use of the Internet