Hadlow Rural Community


The Role of the Tutor

Form tutors have a crucial role in being pro-active in managing behaviour and encouraging pupils to achieve their potential.

The tutor is also the first point of call for parents when they wish to discuss any issues re: their child. In addition tutors are also expected to monitor their pupils, give time for mentoring and Individual Advice and Guidance and encourage engagement with the wider community.

Tutors will closely monitor positive and negative referrals received by each pupil on a weekly basis, as well as reviewing attendance. Three times a year the tutor will have a one to one meeting with each pupil during tutor time to provide mentoring and Individual Advice and Guidance. Current levels of attainment will be discussed with each pupil, including effort grades for each subject. As pupils move up the school, this mentoring will increasingly include discussion about progression to further education and career planning.