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There has been extensive research on the use and benefit of homework and whilst there are some discrepancies on its effectiveness between Primary and Secondary, the impact at Key Stage 3 and 4 in improving attainment has been established.

This becomes particularly important as students become more cognitively independent and are more able to better organise their time and the resources needed for homework, as well as comprehend instructions, understand the cognitive processes needed, and appreciate the purpose of the tasks set. Starting good habits with homework at Year 7 significantly supports improved outcomes in Year 11.

At Hadlow Rural Community School we allow subject leaders to adapt the amount and challenge of homework to suit the curriculum content they are teaching. The type of homework may vary from subject to subject and may also vary in style within a subject. For example, it may be traditional written work, a project over time, revision for a test, research, homework requiring the use of ICT or some form of practical work.

We expect all students to complete the homework set by subject teachers and to return it by the agreed deadline.

Homework is set on TEAMS and is accessible for parents to review. If you have any concerns regarding the amount, or level of challenge provided by homework set for your child, please contact the subject teacher in the first instance to arrange a conversation.