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Hadlow Rural Community School

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The relationship between schools and parents is crucial in improving academic outcomes of young people and at Hadlow Rural Community School, we very much value the ability to work together with parents and guardians in ensuring our students, your children, have every opportunity to thrive and excel.

Parental engagement in children’s learning and the quality of the home learning environment are associated with improved academic outcomes at all ages.

The evidence suggests that three areas are particularly worth focusing on:


  • supporting parents to have high academic expectations for their children;
  • developing and maintaining communication with parents about school activities and schoolwork; and
  • promoting the development of reading habits.


Our aim is to work in partnership with parents to support the points above and provide the best possible opportunities for our young people to succeed and achieve.

We provide a number of points throughout the year to work together and provide support and guidance where necessary e.g. through Parent Information and Parent Achievement evenings, where expectations for the coming year are outlined and tips and advice provided for parents on how best to support their child.

This is further strengthened through termly reports on student progress and regular communication via the Arbor App, which provides an overview of student timetables, achievements and attendance, as well as annual face to face Parent Consultation Evenings.

In addition to all of these Form Tutors, Student Support and Learning Support are always on hand to respond to any queries or concerns at any point they may arise.