Hadlow Rural Community



Parents have a legal duty to make sure their child attends school and is on School property at the correct time for registration and lessons to start.

All students should be on-site by 8.30am ready to line up at 8.40am, if they arrive after this time they may need to sign in at the School Office.

Students who arrive after 8.40am may be issued a break time detention unless there is a reasonable excuse for lateness. For more information on the process please click here.  Three late arrivals will trigger and after school detention.

If your child is unwell please contact the School on 01732 498120 or contact@hrcschool.org by 8.00am to let us know, and this will be marked down in the register.  Absence will be marked as unauthorised if no reason has been given. 

Other absences can only be authorised by the Senior Leadership Team under exceptional circumstances.

No holiday requests will be authorised.  Please ensure you have written to the school if you are planning to withdraw your child.  An Absence Request form can be found here.  

In accordance with our policy you should be aware Penalty Notices are issued to each parent of each child and the amount of the penalty will be £120 to be paid within 28 days, reduced to £60 if paid within 21 days. Failure to pay the penalty in full at the end of the 28 day period may result in prosecution by the Attendance Service. 

For more information please refer to the Attendance Policy.